I Love This Book!

What great story telling! The best part about it is feeling that the lives of the characters are real! Almost like living in the book with all of them. I was drawn in immediately and looked forward to the next chapter from beginning to end. I couldn’t help but fall in love with Philbet. He […]

Speaks to the Power of Words

I read this as a testament to the power of words to wound the soul. As well, it speaks to the grave necessity for us to make space to listen to one another, across any and all boundaries. I had the privilege of knowing the author years ago as a colleague.

This Clay Will Stay With You

Like the staining Georgia red clay dirt itself, the story of young Philbet, his love for cars, his heart’s longings, and his granddaddy’s gentle life lessons will stay with you. If you’ve ever felt on the fringes, frayed and different you will find common ground and comfort here.