Book Clubs

Where book lovers convene for conversation and culinary delights.

Jeffrey is eager to meet with book clubs virtually, and maybe even in-person if they’re not too far from his home base in Washington, DC.

On the screen or on the scene, he can give your book club insights into the sleepless nights that plague writers of fictionalized memoirs, the surprising way he wrote his debut novel, and just about any other question you can throw at him (including his ideal star-studded cast should Red Clay Suzie become a film or limited television series). 

Download a Book Club Kit for an author Q&A, suggested discussion questions, family recipes inspired by the novel, a playlist of popular music from the 1960s and ’70s, the surprising origin of Matchbox cars, resources for at-risk youth, and a brief history of the town and hamlet where Red Clay Suzie is set. This is a Book Club Kit not to be missed!

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"Even her sweet tea was bitter, a result, according to Mama, of boiling the water in an aluminum pot, of drinking it from aluminum cups, and stirring in sugar when the tea was too cool. And Mama said one time, when she didn’t know I could hear, 'She prob’ly spits in the sweet tea to save on the water bill.'"

© Jeffrey Dale Lofton 2024

© Jeffrey Dale Lofton 2024